Are you facing similar infrastructure challenges in ageing network?

Analyzing the root cause of performance deviations on a fleet of several thousand BTS sites becomes an extremely challenging task.

Low Visibility

As the network continues to expand, maintaining an aggregated and real-time visibility of power infrastructure operation becomes increasingly complex.

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Lower Power Uptime

Older assets commonly encounter issues, breakdowns, and experience accelerated degradation, leading to site downtime, penalties, and revenue losses.

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Various factors, including load shedding, load expansion, and asset degradation, can lead to deviations from the targeted KPIs, consequently impacting the profitability at the site level.

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Telcom BTS Towers under Active Supervision


Distributed Solar being Optimized


Storage being Effectively Managed

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Policy Driven Platform

Policy Driven Platform - Define Your Own Rules!

Hardware Agnostic Design

Hardware Independent Platform with Numerous Data Acquisition Methods

Freedom of Design

Development of Dashboard, Analytics and Customized Reporting On-the-Go

Business Logics

Tailor-made Workflows, Asset Management, and Energy Analytics for MNOs and TowerCos.

ML with Digital Twin Technology

INSITES Engine enables anomaly detection in real-time, highlight Assets under-performance, Recommends Actions and forecast key parameters like Load, Weather, OPEX and Asset End-Of-Life

Secure, Reliable & Scalable

Backed by AWS Cloud Based Platform, with World Recognized Cloud Security and Scalability for big data

Turn Around Time

Swift development with our in-house full-stack team comprising SMEs, Developers, and Business Analysts.


Reliable Connectivity at fingertips via Web and Mobile apps for IOS And Android

Growing Together in Our Ecosystem


INSITES utilizes Digital Twin Technology to construct a sophisticated scientific model of site assets, real-time observations, and an ideal operational philosophy. This model drives portfolio-wide energy optimization. The suite incorporates machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to address the most critical challenges in MNO and TowerCos Operational Management, with the goal of achieving a Self-Healing Network!

Asset Insights

Know which batteries are degrading faster than expected, whether its solar under-performance or bad weather, which rectifiers are working at lower efficiency, where gensets are likely to fail in next run event and much more…

Recommendation System for Asset Reorganization

Relocate underutilised Rectifier modules and batteries from operational sites to high-stress, underperforming sites to save on CAPEX investments and spare resources


Maximize solar generation and reduce genset running by using solar and load forecast, allowing advanced energy management functions like peak tariff and solar curtailment reduction. Know estimated OPEX and Asset End-Of-Life to improve operational [planning.

ROX - Achieving Operational Excellence

ROX enables achieving Operational Excellence by incorporating complete, paperless operational workflow, from issue identification to closure, tracking and portfolio C-Level reporting level.

Automated Workflows

Streamline end-to-end activities via Trouble Tickets, Work Orders, Grid and Fuel billing integrations and Reporting Subscriptions, significantly reducing manual operations.

Impact Tracking

Gain comprehensive insights into field activities and portfolio performance via KPI.

Data-Driven Management

Make informed CAPEX/OPEX decisions using data analytics.

Laser Sharp Focus

Achieve precision in monitoring operational KPIs and drivers, for identifying sites with high deviations.

Anomaly Detection

Proactively address reporting anomalies for resolving outliers and deviations in data patterns.

Network Monitoring & Control (NOC)

NOC enables effective network monitoring and control through comprehensive operational visibility, intelligent detection of power outages and issues, and real-time management of intelligent assets for operational optimization.

Operational Visibility

Ensures comprehensive insight into site operations.

Outage Detection

Smartly identifies power outages and operational issues at sites.

Asset Control

Maintains full control of intelligent assets for real-time operational optimization.

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SPARK is commended for its remarkable capabilities and contributions in the field of energy management. This platform effectively offers accurate and real-time insights, allowing Tawal Pakistan to pinpoint areas of inefficiency and make informed decisions to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, set goals, and continuously enhance operational performance.

Muhammad Waqar
Director, Operations & Maintenance

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I already have a field force management tool. Can SPARK connect to my existing operational ERP?

Answer: SPARK is designed to connect with multiple software tool sets via standard protocols. Our preferred mechanism is through REST APIs. Both pull and push-based integrations are available to suit your requirements.

We provide hardware Gateways. How can our Gateway communicate with SPARK?

Answer: SPARK is compatible with multiple industry-standard protocols, including JSON-based REST APIs, SFTP, MQTT, and SNMP. For standard protocols, you can follow the API documentation and get started immediately. In the case of proprietary protocols, you may speak to our experts.

How does SPARK ensure that our data is safe and secure?

Answer: SPARK uses highly secure cloud-based hosting with multiple layers of security, including the application layer, MFA, secured protocols, WAF, and guardrails.

What is the commercial model for SPARK?

Answer: SPARK is a SaaS platform and is based on an annual subscription model.

Does SPARK support customized workflows?

Answer: Yes, SPARK has a Work Order and Trouble Ticketing Module that allows administrators to customize workflows according to your needs.

We already have multiple RMS vendors for data acquisition. Can SPARK provide the aggregation of all RMS?

Answer: SPARK supports both Gateway-Server and Server-Server connectivity via APIs. We are already integrated with many RMS platforms and open to discussing new integrations.

Does SPARK have a mechanism for Carbon Accounting?

Answer: Yes, SPARK incorporates a dedicated dashboard and business logic for carbon accounting of your renewable assets, covering the complete portfolio.

Does SPARK support email and SMS-based escalation?

Answer: Indeed, SPARK offers email and SMS escalation for all modules, including events, reporting, and workflows. Please note that SMS escalations are priced separately and may vary by country.